Family Artist Series: Mom’s Quilting & Crochet

My Mom is one of those people that everyone loves. When we’re together we cant go anywhere without running into someone she knows. They usually rant and rave about how sweet and kind she is. One thing I love about her is that she’s not afraid of anything (except speaking in public), will try anything, and eat just about any type of food. We ran into Bob Riley, the former governor of the state of Alabama, outside the Washington, DC metro and she just went right up to him and introduced herself. I never would have done that! She will also stop a US soldier on the street and thank them for all they’ve done for our country.

I’ve learned so much from my Mom, mostly about how to be a strong woman. But one of my favorite things I learned from her is the Art of Crafting – yes, I am capitalizing those words. When I was young we would sit at the kitchen table and craft. We would color, finger paint, and bake. As my motor skills increased she taught me how to cross stitch and sew. Most recently she’s been trying to teach me how to knit – I failed miserably at crochet so we moved on to knitting. My Mom used to make most of my clothes and Halloween costumes. I had tons of smocked dresses and baby bonnets. One of the most special gifts she ever gave me was a Holly Hobby quilt. I used it as my bedspread for many years as a child. Even now, I use it when I’m watching tv and laying on the couch. By looking at the details, you’ll see the hand stitched quilting around each square. I don’t know how she had the time or patience to applique all the Holly Hobbys onto the quilt.

Recently, my Mom has switched from sewing to to knitting and crochet. She always seems to have a needle and yarn in her hands. Here’s a picture of a blanket she made for me.

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